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Supply Chain

Research in this field is being developed at two levels of analysis: i) at the national level, focused on understanding how to increase the participation of Portugal in the aeronautic industry through the development of both networking and technological capabilities, and ii) at the company level, focused on studying the information flows and collaboration strategies between the production sites of multinationals established in Portugal and its suppliers.

Santos, C., Barros, A.C., Dawes, T., Soares, A.L. (2016) 

Title: Using an Information Management Model as a Roadmap for Information Systems Implementation in Supply Networks

Abstract: In the era of information overflow, the effective implementation of models for managing multiple 
information streams may contribute to organizations’ decision-making capabilities. Even though literature has proposed several information management models, little has been described about their implementation in real-world settings. This paper presents a case study on the usage of an information management model in the implementation of a collaborative system in a supply network. The case application analysis reinforces the value of using information management models to account for cultural aspects in the mapping of information needs and in the analysis of multiple stakeholders’ requirements.

Keywords: Information management model; supply chain; collaboration; case study



Messina, D., Soares, A.L., Santos, C., Barros, A.C. (2017) 

Title: Risks and visibility in supply chains: an information management perspective

Santos, C., Abubakar, S., Barros, A.C., Mendonça, J., Dalmarco, G., Godsell, J. (2017)

Title: Enablers of participation in global aerospace value networks: a conceptual framework. (Working paper)


Reis, A. (2017)

Title: Industrialisation, geography and policy under increasing uncertainty: implications for aeronautics. (PhD Dissertation)


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