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Research Outputs

Our key questions and research agenda are organized into the following three main perspectives. Click on the following titles to see what we have been up to:


The present theme analyses the impact of new technologies in aeronautics supply chain, with particular emphasis on metal additive manufacturing – an emerging technology/manufacturing process that can bring potential disruptive changes in the aeronautics industry as will as providing potential benefits to other leading Portuguese manufacturers such as those making molds for the automobile and other industries.

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Supply Chain

Research in this field is being developed at two levels of analysis: i) at the national level, focused on understanding how to increase the participation of Portugal in the aeronautic industry through the development of both networking and technological capabilities, and ii) at the company level, focused on studying the information flows and collaboration strategies between the production sites of multinationals established in Portugal and its suppliers.

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Research in this area aims analyse the evolution of the regional location quotients for both occupations and industrial clusters in Portuguese regions. It also aims to identify key job categories and interdependencies in the United States metropolitan statistical areas specialized in Aeronautics; to build and describe the Portuguese Aeronautic industry job space; and to identify existing and lacking key competences in Portuguese Aeronautic industry (comparing job space networks; existing nodes; interdependencies among them).

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Final Results Compilation

In this presentation given at our final Workshop (AED Days 2018) you can see our final results.

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