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Welcome to E4Value project

Towards a Distributed Platform for Entrepreneurial Initiatives, New Employment and Skills Development

This project assesses technological advances, business configurations and value chains in modern aeronautics. Its main goal is to understand and contribute to the creation and evolution of an aeronautics cluster in Portugal, securing the role of Portuguese firms as centres of excellence in aeronautics.

It is motivated by the installation of two new Embraer plants in Évora, Portugal, that are a singular case: They are both a fully Embraer plant and also first tier suppliers of Embraer Brazil. This requires the full integration of their activities within the needs of Embraer Brazil, while keeping a competitive edge. The project’s key results and analyses are expected to unveil the necessary technological advances, opportunities for new employment and skills development, especially in the Portuguese aeronautics cluster as well as its impact on regional development; bringing, therefore, a contribution to academics, entrepreneurs and policy-makers.


Our key questions and research agenda on the changing nature of industrial production are organized into the following three main perspectives: Technology; Supply Chain; and Competences.

If you wish to know our final results please consult our presentation.



This project is an Entrepreneurial Research Initiative of the CMU Portugal Program. For more information please visit:

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